Give hope to those who need it most!

We aim to rebuild hope where it’s been damaged or lost. We work with those in need to rebuild and restructure. Our focus lies on community efforts, including small-scale community awareness, and educational opportunities. For with God all things are possible.



Where there are people in need, we’ll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.



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FREE empowerment luncheon for mothers who have experienced the passing of a child.


Venue:    Crown Plaza |2625 Thousand Oaks Blvd | Memphis, TN 38118

our mission:


Maintaining healthy, happy environments is an important, and often neglected part of the healing process. We want to connect you to community organizations made just for you.


To do great work, you need tools. While blood, sweat and tears have built empires, your group or company may have other ways of helping.